Colouring flames

After some time I am making examined how the color purple flame. I tried a lot of experiments. Describe therefore some of my experience and my experience thus přátel.Nemůžu say that everything that is written here is correct and functional. At home I mean the color of flame in the burner is not a toy. In most zabarvování strace flame intensity. Then we have to embrace chemicals lesser degree. Moreover, the majority of substances not dissolve in the kerosene using ethanol, acetone and benzine. Wear and contamination of burners is much greater than in conventional use. Most chemicals are toxic zbarvujících fire. When burning generates more dangerous substances, which in turn breathes, than burning pure lampového oil or kerosene.

The coloration of the flame used salts of alkali metals and alkaline-earth metals, most often it is: lithium, sodium, potassium, calcium, strontium and barium, are used less salt, copper, boron and rubidia. Because of the high price is not salt tantalum, India, France and others.

The breakdown of net colouring flame

Stronciumdyed deep red flame, if we combine with sodium, strontium, there is deep orange to orange yellow.

Barium dyed green flame

Lithium dyed flame June

Calcium ion dyed orange flame, the color becomes red brick.

Potassiumdyed purple flame with a relatively small intensity. It is easy to prehlušitelný, and therefore the staining power of the flame to Fialova not.
Because of the net price is too high of compounds using these substances

In practice, the compounds of the elements can be used (see above):

The color green can be used cuprous chloride (CuCl) copper chloride (CuCl) in kerosene dissolves the misconfigured, it is better to use acetone to dissolve the first technical benzín.Chlorid or copper can be used to make heating copper shavings in concentrated hydrochloric acid and a little potassium chlorate. Or mixing the copper with the acid chloride dioxide.

Sylvín (KCL) turns into a flame violet (purple). It's emerging mineral precipitation in salt lakes and from sea vody.Látka is not toxic and is soluble and leji lamp.

Boric acid H3BO3 flame light turns green. 2-3% boric acid solution and water is used in ophthalmology. Under the title of boric acid.

Lithium chloride, LiCl turns flame June.

When mixing kyselyny boric měďného chloride (CuCl) and lithiumchloridu (LiCl) there is a blue flame.

Magnesium Mn September dazzling white. The only problem is that it is not soluble. If you are interested in this substance contact.

Color: Substance:
red strontium, lithium, lithium chloride
green barium chloride, copper, boric acid
orange calcium
yelow Na + (sodium)
Purple potassium, Silvina

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