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Fire spitting – safety

While spitting may occur two to you and dangerous situace.Popálení poisoning. When we are spitting ryzikům burns and poisoning. Facial burns or other external burns are the worst as you can become. When inhaled flame threatens permanent damage to the lungs, in extreme cases even death. Never neplivejte flammable First Class! For example, a burn…
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Modern Fireshow

Modern developments in fire performance During the period from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s Fire Dancing grew from a relatively obscure and marginalized native tradition and circus art to a widespread and almost commonplace occurrence at venues and events as diverse as raves, rock concerts, night clubs, beach parties, camping festivals, cabarets and…
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Fighting in fireshow

The most commonly used portable fire extinguishers: Individual fire extinguishers can be used on fires of various substances. Fires are divided into classes: A - solids B - flammable liquids C - gas D - light alkali metals Water - The fire-fighting Class A fires which are solid inflammable substances incandescent or burning flame (paper,…
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