The new LED roboot cryoman show

Cryoman show

Cryoman is 2,5m tall LED Robot costume on stilts operated by professional stilt walker.
This Cryoman is one of the best Robot Suits ever made with 1000+ Full Color LED lights with hundreds of programs!
Cryoman has 2 professional CO2 guns and can operate in 2 modes.
1) Connected via long hose to the tank on the stage (limited movement depending on the lenght of the hose)
2) Can move freely around the club (stage) with small CO2 tank on the back ( CO2 FX is limited (6kg Tank) for one performance)
Our Cryoman can fire indoor Pyro FX which has impressive effect!!!
Cryoman has 4 color lasers on arms (can be also 10lasers) and middle screen on suit can display text or symbols (programming is for extra costs) .
Our Cryoman does also show with other light gadgets like pixel poi which makes this whole show unique and entertaining.

Our Cryoman show is simply impressive !!!