STILT Walkers


STILT Walkers

Stilt walkers are interesting variegation of your event. An ideal attraction for greeting guests, parades, handing out papers, drinks and so on.

We can adapt the costume and the make ups.

Our stilt walkers are also jugglers and entertainers.

STILT Walker

  • 3000CZK + transit 6CZK/km
  • Lenght: max. 40 minutes. 5 minutes pause.
  • Maximum 3 hours of performance per day.
  • Suitable for city festivals , children's days , parties and corporate promotions
Info for clients:

  • We can arrange costumes and make up due to requests of client
  • Raining or bad weather is not big problem
  • Standing on stilts is dangerous and very exhaustive, so we need pause after every 40 minutes.


Unicyclists will show you unimaginable things to balance on two meters high unicycles, you will also see the best athletes in extreme jumps on unicycles.

Unicycler on very high unicycle

  • 3000 CZK + transit 6CZK/km
  • Possibility of handing out leaflets welcoming visitors, parades etc.
  • Suitable for city festivals , children's days , parties and corporate promotions.

Unicycle exhibition

  • 3000 CZK - 12 000 CZK
  • World Champions will perform their show ...
  • Suitable for large sport events, sales events associated with journalists etc.