Fighting in fireshow

The most commonly
used portable fire extinguishers:


Individual fire
extinguishers can be used on fires of various substances.

Fires are
divided into classes:

A - solids
B - flammable liquids

C - gas
D - light alkali metals

Water -
The fire-fighting Class A fires which are solid inflammable substances
incandescent or burning flame (paper, wood, hay, plastics, textiles, rubber,
coal, etc.).
not use for extinguishing electrical equipment under a stream.

- it is a general-purpose fire extinguisher designed for all fire classes A, B,
C, D, where it can be used in the mountains fighting hard.substances (other than
bulk materials, fine mechanics).

It is suitable for
extinguishing electrical equipment under a stream.

Well quenches fires
chemicals and flammable gases, and special types of powder and fire some light

Snow (CO2)
- is suitable for fire-fighting Class B, C, ie.

fire flame burning
liquid substances and flammable gases and limited to fire class. And (do not use
the bulk of matter - the possibility whirl). It is
suitable for extinguishing electrical equipment under a stream.

The fire extinguishers
are listed with their fire-fighting capability.

 For example,
"34 A" means that a fire extinguisher which is suitable for quenching of solids,
and that is able to extinguish a fire, which corresponds to the border of fire
wood 3.4 m long, 0.5 mA wide 0.56 m high .


ighting in fireshow

juggling with fire is always a need to anticipate the worst.

Outbreaks of containers
with fuel, flare dress, grass, etc.

 To try to
extinguish burning device aquatic chemicals is nonsense. Burner
you can extingish
but if you burn the petrol tank with a flame extend.

The best is to use
juggling with fire bucket with sand.

If juggling
ropes, poi, balls, cones, and it is good to have him closing metal

If you want to put out the tool before dohoří just throw
it in a pot, cover with lid.

If not enough sand and
pot, so I recommend to use the device as a universal powder and foam.

A good option is to wear
them extinguishing sprays.

Powder fire
extinguishing spray more alone it is only intended to start fighting fires.

Foam extinguishing spray
Put much more.



foam spray 500 g STAC

Normal price with
VAT is the e-shops about 200 CZK.

It is
suitable for cars, trucks, caravans, office, kitchen etc.It
can be used multiple times.

according to ČSN EN 3-7 and corresponds to Decree No. 341/2002 Sb., MDS CR

 Included is
the holder.

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