Fire spitting – safety

While spitting may occur two to you and dangerous situace.Popálení poisoning.
When we are spitting ryzikům burns and poisoning. Facial burns or other external burns are the worst as you can become. When inhaled flame threatens permanent damage to the lungs, in extreme cases even death. Never neplivejte flammable First Class! For example, a burn rate in the explosion of petrol and air mixture is measured about 300 m / s. So the fumes will burn about as quickly. When an explosion at the mouth it too much it. For spitting can be used classical oil lamp, or 100% pure. The rest not to mention. For more information about lampových oils:

These oils include paraffinic oils in addition to the aromatic hydrocarbons, alkanes, and a lot of the body of harmful and carcinogenic substances. If there is a spit of contact and subsequent entry of substances into the body with the skin face, hands, and most are sliznicí.Pokaždé will remain a certain amount of mouth, which then gets further into the body through inhalation or polknutím. even if you try and you were in your body to get something. The greatest risk is inhalation of fumes. It causes burns to the lungs. When oil ingestion promastí intestines and can cause nausea, diarrhea and rapid increase in temperature. The ingestion of large quantities to cause the burns. If a man is allergic to these substances, the risk is much higher.

We recommend and use
Fuel natural origin Remafluid DSP30 and Biosane DDSP30
The problem is that the natural person to sell wholesale in the smallest package 8000 CZK about 25 liters. Flame of fire is much
greater than lampového oil.
Total rapidly evaporates nečoudí which is an advantage especially in
the interior
It is without taste
not so much malicious as lamp oil.

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Video of man who tried to spit

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