clothes for Fire-show

Choice of clothes in fireshow is important.
Ideal is the substance is permeable, non-flammable, solid, and while not picle

If you spinning with big flames you will be sweaty early.

Noncombustible-if burner stop on the part of the body forward on the substance a
small amount of fuel, especially after ignition, the most threatened, that could
catch clothing.
Donť use clothes with more decorations.

Dont use synthetic materials.You are working with fire which could jump to
you.Its reccomended to use unflamable clothing or clothing not well flammable (
like a cotton,leather ). Check if uyou have good flipped off fuel from your toys
and no fuel on clothing.

What we have at home and can be used.
If you begin to use clothing, which quickly and easily put off.
I use cotton turtleneck with long sleeves. Mole-skins or jeans.
You can use leather clothing if you do not mind that zapotíte.

When I started, I wore a turban on his head wet, it's good especially if
spitting fire.

Today you can buy a non-combustible substance which is used to fire uniforms or
coveralls car racers from Kevlar and Nomex.

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