When I started so I addressed the question: "What to use as a torch?".
At the beginning I used a torch some rag what I found. But cotton rag endured as 5 minutes, and end. In addition to consolidating and přidrátováním work was horrible and the burning rubber began to tear so it was quite dangerous. Probably need to describe what may cause a burning rag flying air. Then I have to omotával old dressing. Then I can shoot twice as well. This option is free if you choose to assume that most of those that are starting. Namáčejte lot of burners, protže when spongy so much neohořívají. Netočte to Put burners even earlier, or let dohořet.Dále see security. The second and better option is to invest in kvalitího material. Less expensive is to buy a sealing ceramic or fiberglass, it is better to buy in any hardware store and is made in different sizes. The price is relatively low according to the average těsnění.Metr rope is around CZK 100. The disadvantage of fiberglass is that if it works then drbete two days. And the clothes in which the work is to be discarded. Fiberglass saje too badly so the flame is not the greatest. When treatment is necessary to have some a lot to ensure the safety, because fiberglass is a very dangerous substance, it is not recommended to use this material not to mention more to the idea. advantage is the durability of fiber, spinning odhaduju 80 but will be turned off burners as well as some more. But keep in mind that health is a very harmful substance.

Best option is Kevlar. It is manufactured by, for example, body armor, motorcycle suits, fire suits and other cases where there is an emphasis on the resilience of the material. The advantage is its lightness absorbency and durability. Typically, two types of navýběr: belts and ropes, with both the price is about 300 - 800 CZK per meter. For the belt, you can choose the option měděnným wire reinforced.


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