Types of poi

A few words of
introduction. It comes from New Zealand in translation means
. Residents maori use this tool for training
and practice.

by the wrist and arm men strengthen and shoulders, to improve properties in the



Types of poi

Training poi

  • balls on the
  • Sock poi - the
    weight in long socks
  • Flag poi
  • Light poi - Using
    LED diodes or reflective materials.


Fire poi - burners on

  • Cylinder head

  • Cathedral

  • Monkey fists


Training poi


Sock poi

- Something
loose in sock.They are good at training because they are
slow and you have an overview over them.



Flag poi

Light poi

UV materials,
chemical and light LEDs.

 UV materials
can be used only in black light (UV) light .Chemist tube
by a light break.

illumination is the most beautiful but it is associated with several
problems. You can buy the LED poi,
but their quality is very weak and have no durability.



- The
combination of poi you created brand new toy with new possibilities.

It's quite difficult to
control but if you can shoot with meteors like the bars.


Fire poi


Burnt rope

different types of

    Cylinder head

    monkey fists
    (Monkey Fist) - probably the best option burner.

     It is a string
    of kevlar rope, which lasts a long time to burn.

    Cathedral-Fluted Kevlar belt to cathedrals.

    Flame is very
    large but is rapidly damaging Kevlar.

    Comet-sprouts and inside is red-hot coal or a special "cracker".

Therefore, the
poi nekroutili used pivot.

Photos from firetoys.co.uk and zonglovani.cz


practice poi

instructions for the production of practice poi that I read on the Internet by
the way tennis ball and string.

 These poi are easy
to manufacture "but as the practice poi is not so good  because
they are too fast. I mean that you must maintain a relatively high speed of the
string remains taut and is due to poor survey about what you are doing. A better
option exercises are sock poi.

Or poi with the bag instead of balls. Sock poi are essentially subjects in

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