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Pen spinning (PS) is a form of contact juggling that uses a small writing tool, like a pen or a pencil, to perform different tricks that not only sharpen your skills, but also amaze people. You have probably seen Pen Spinning in one form or another. Perhaps it was a classmate who was spinning her…
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clothes for Fire-show

Choice of clothes in fireshow is important. Ideal is the substance is permeable, non-flammable, solid, and while not picle fuel. If you spinning with big flames you will be sweaty early. Noncombustible-if burner stop on the part of the body forward on the substance a small amount of fuel, especially after ignition, the most threatened,…
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Juggling go to school

Juggling is becoming part of school education. Young učitlé gymnastics and who are engaged in juggling realize its potential benefits for the child. The biggest pros are that it is in the child develops individuality, creativity and effort to improve their capabilities. Editors periodical Masaryk University wrote an interesting project Dagmar lawny. The aim of…
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